I believe that with the right kind of support, there is no limit to what you can achieve!

Janice Summers


I have a natural curiosity and a genuine interest in people. Through my professional life, my sense of adventure has given me the opportunity to gain hands on experience in a diversity of technology and many facets of business. As a result, I know what it takes to build and run a successful product or service organization. The attributes acquired through tenacity and determination combine to give me an exceptionally unique talent in communications and building relationships founded on trust.  

Having spent the majority of my professional career in micro to mid-size organizations I have carefully honed an acute awareness of shifting priorities and how to manage competing priorities. I am also the founder of a cosmetic company and a co-founder of a non-profit that serves the tech sector and bridges academia with professional practitioners. 

The majority of my experience has been in service to the Technology sector; SaaS, Software, Computers, Hardware, Medical Device, IT, and Semiconductor. For technical writing and training I have additionally served the Aerospace, Defense, and Government sector. For Professional writing I have additional experience in the cosmetic industry. 

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Janice Summers




Nalea, Keeva, & Aiden

Social Media Team

Assorted Testimonials


Sr Technical Recruiter

“Janice is a great people-person. She is well-organized, detail oriented and an absolute pleasure to work with. She worked with the company from when it was a startup to a mid-size company. She morphed well with the changes and was always ready to give her input and help in any way she could. She has good mentoring skills and helped out many with varied difficult situations. I would highly recommend her..” S.A.


Technology Training

I wanted to extend to you a huge thank you for all of your knowledge that you shared in the virtual training classes for us! Sure did learn a lot and you did an excellent job. You are highly recommended by the team. Thank you!” S.S.

“Thank you for the wonderful training you gave to the team. They have never been so enthusiastic or engaged in any training before. They learned a lot, retained a lot of it and had a great experience.” N.S.


Professional Writing 

“We have contracted Janice to write much of our content on our website. She did a great job focusing on our industry and what our customers are looking for. She pulled out the best in us and highlighted it. “

“Janice engages her insights into our industry and our customers needs to create content that is engaging, informative, and very accurate. In addition to the marketing material she authors for us, we have hired her to write several of our industry focused professional presentations.”


Technical Writing / Training

“Thanks to the topic authoring training you gave to the team, they are already making changes and improvements to how that write customers support articles and it’s making a profound difference..” K.V.

“Your training gave my team confidence. Heck, you gave me confidence in the tool and our ability. We are doing more than I could have imagined. Thanks!” 


“Janice’s gentle style is based on her decades of mentoring, coaching, and training new users. Her success taking users who have only ever had experience with Word into a brand new XML authoring world stands out clearly in this book from start to finish.” L.F.