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Over the years of building successful businesses and helping others do the same, I have developed a fine tuned approach to meeting various business challenges. The strategies I employ allow me to get to the center of the issues so that I can develop customized solution options.  

No two companies are exactly alike, the product and/or service may be similar and share a business vertical, but that is where they stop being “the same”.  I specialize in dynamic and demanding environments that challenge creativity and foster collaborative unique perspectives. I offer a number of different business services and have delivered the following types of services for various companies: professional writing, website design and build out (WordPress and Magento), B2B writing for sales and marketing, professional presentation writing (slides and script), marketing and advertising copy writing and strategy planning, mentoring with business leaders and individuals. 

My passion is in creating strong confident teams and I have nurtured this in several services. In recruiting, how you build your team is the cornerstone for future success. My approach is to collaborate and communicate with people at all levels of the organization to create winning recruiting programs to attract the right talent. Finding qualified talent is more than just matching technical terms and ticking boxes. Getting the recruiting right for your business requires understanding who you are as a group of people and where you are going as a collective organization. Another strategy to support and build highly effective teams is through training and coaching. I have created various specialized training programs that cover technical and personal skill building for organizations of several verticals and as small as a two person team to as large as global fortune 100 companies. 

Do you have a specific need that’s not mentioned? Contact me with your details and I will give you feedback. I’ve handled many different business tasks over the years and are happy to help with yours.


Through the years of practical hands-on experience, I’ve developed an agility that gets to the core issue which enables me to create customized solutions that work. 

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