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Diversity Builds Better Business Tactics

Having a breadth of experience makes me a much stronger partner and that is how I view my professional relationships. They are partnerships and as a partner my role is to help build bridges between vision and reality through writing, researching, recruiting, and training.

Key Skills

  • Research
  • Writing: Technical and Professional
  • Training
  • Negotiation & Closing

Single-Sourcing Solutions

Consultant / Technical Trainer

I was on my way to return to my role as a Senior Technical Recruiter when a very unique opportunity was offered to me, I was given the chance to enter a new world in the tech sector, Technical Writing and Publishing and it tapped another passion of mine: communication. 

When I began I was put in charge of a large government project as the project manager. Once that project wrapped I began to take on different roles. I recruited then work with the VP of Sales in Software and Service Sales. I created presentation slide decks followed up on leads and closed sales deals.

I worked with design teams to build Styler style sheets and to test FOSI style sheets. From this I created the template for training others on how to use Styler to create custom stylesheets, the foundation to the Single-Sourcing Solutions methods. As is the case with many small organizations agility and adaptability are critical. I wrote presentations and training programs for teaching tool proficiency, minimalism authoring, topic authoring, and DITA basics. Wrote, produced, and presented the most watched video about Arbortext on YouTube.

I also wrote and published a technical training book focused on teaching new users of Arbortext Editor. In this book I walked the learner through authoring their first document in multiple architectures, specifically DocBook and DITA. The book was ranked #213 on the Amazon Best-Sellers list for books in Documentation and Technical Writing as of Nov 2021.

To date, I’ve delivered more than 50 presentations and training workshops for customers and at professional and industry events, including STC Summit, Lavacon, and ConVEx.


Key Skills

  • Professional Writing
  • Sourcing / Research
  • Relationship Building
  • Interviewing
  • Negotiation & Closing
  • Full-Cycle recruiting
  • Training

Sr Technical Recruiter / HR Business Partner

SaaS, Software, Hardware, IT, Semiconductor, Manufacturing

I first entered recruiting on the Agency side. Having been in high tech as an engineering technician, I naturally gravitated to the role of technical recruiting. Eventually I made the leap over to early stage start-up as their first in house recruiter. All of my recruiting experience has been in high visibility fast paced environments. I built the recruiting desk from scratch: creating job descriptions, building pipeline, creating matrices, and partnering with hiring mangers in Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and IT to recruit top talent in a very competitive market.  

I have a natural curiosity when it comes to engineering and mechanics and a sense of wonder when it comes to coding. I spent my time writing programs, enough to know I like to talk with those who are brilliant but it is not the field for me to work in. I would much rather be talking with experts and aligning them with the right opportunity.

The position of Sr Technical Recruiter later grew into the role of HR Manager where I wrote corporate policies and procedures as well as employee training. I also established their performance review program and created the compensation and benefits program as well.


Key Skills

  • Research & Recruiting
  • Professional Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Relationship & Community Building

TC Camp, a 501(3)(c) Public Charity

Managing Director / Co-Founder 

Show Host / Co-Producer

TC Camp was founded to serve the technical professional communication community as an educational platform. We are the producers of Room 42, an informative video podcast with expert interviews that elevate technical and professional communications knowledge. When it came to designing the Room 42 program

I have the distinct honor of interviewing well respected published leaders in the field of Rhetoric, Writing, Language, and Technical and Professional Communication to name a few. Many of our guests have multiple publications and have been cited in many other articles. Our goal at TC Camp is to bridging the gap between academic researchers and practitioners. I designed this program to be a candid conversation with the expert.  The candid conversation allows for an organic discussion of the research work and highlights the human side. Through interviewing techniques that relax our guests, we discover nuances that the published wok may not reflect. They are more free to talk about things that may not have made it and any new insights that have been realized since the initial publishing date. With no slides and no script, the researcher shares an insider glimpse of their work, the results, and the direct impact 

Knowledge sharing is in our DNA so I was thrilled to establish TC Camp for Interns. I created a rolling set of job descriptions and duties tailored for University students that would stretch their learning and give them a platform to exercise valuable job skills in the real world. Partnering with various Universities, we offer these positions to their best and brightest and highly motivated students. All of the rolls have direct business impact and all have high visibility so each contribution is noticed. One of my favorite things to do is to work with the students. I encourage their technical prowess but I push them beyond that and test the boundaries of motivation and accountability They have fresh ideas and fresh insights and our discussions are always interesting. I have established a very compelling Intern program that I hope will give them a head start in their professional journey.

If you ever have the chance to hire a TC Camp Alumni, snap them up! Trust me, they are worth it! 


Key Skills

  • Professional Writing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Relationship & Community Building
  • Design: Product, Packaging, Website
  • Agile project planning

Tres Spa Inc.

CEO Chief Alchemist

I started this micro self-funded business to create a nurturing product that allowed for my creative expansion while serving people with exceptional whole wellness products. Tres Spa is a S-Corp and has all of the business responsibilities of any product company. Running Tres Spa has afforded me the ability to grow well beyond what I could have imagined. It has pushed me and pulled me and shaped me in the very best ways. 

As a sole owner, all of the duties and responsibilities fall squarely on your shoulders and your efforts have an immediate and direct impact on the companies survival. “I don’t know” is an invitation to go learn and do. If your website gets hacked and the site goes down, then it falls to you to solve it or rebuild it. In addition to the technical knowledge required for creating unique products from scratch, I needed to be aware of all of the legal rules required for selling consumer products in the cosmetic industry. As a sole funded company that has all of the filing requirements or any corporation in the US, I also had to learn General Ledger for accounting.