Experience Through Exploration

Transforming Businesses

The objective for any participant in an organization is to help transform it to a more elevated version of itself. In the varied roles I have had, this has always been the driving force for me; to elevate the organization by elevating the people that contribute through sharing their evolving expertise. I do this through training and mentoring existing talent or through recruiting and on-boarding new talent. 

My strategic partnership with founders and executives has provided me with some great insights into how high-level executives operate and how to help achieve aggressive goals through nimble planning. Whether you’re a small seed startup or a rejuvenation of a goliath corporation needing to take your company to the next level, I can help get you there.



How company builds a team is the cornerstone for future success. As a recruiter, my approach is to collaborate and communicate with people at all levels of the organization to create winning recruiting programs to attract the right talent. Finding qualified talent is more than just matching technical terms and ticking boxes. Getting the recruiting right for your business requires understanding who you are as a group of people and where you are going as a collective organization. 

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In my professional career I have always had some form of writing involved. I would say that my style is personable and anchored in empathetic relatability to the reader. 

Effective writing starts with the person receiving the communication. When you focus on audience first, the writing becomes a conversation. Taking this approach maximizes retention and adoption of the information and minimizes confusion. 

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 I have created various specialized training programs that cover technical and personal skill building for organizations of several verticals and as small as a two person team to as large as global fortune 100 companies.

When I design training I consider who the learner is and I design accordingly. My specialty is in training novices and those who may feel hesitant about the subject matter. 

I have constructed and administered training in classroom settings for small teams to one-on-one mentoring. 

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Marketing & Sales

… and other miscellaneous career highlights.

Planning is the first step of every project I have ever worked on. And while well made plans are not a guarantee of success, they are an excellent guide. Plans can either be organic or static. It depends on the project you are working on and what the business objective is. Personally, I prefer realistic plans with aggressive time lines or time line breaks. 

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